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If it helps. I agree. But then again, I don't like the cemetary either.


I have an iron cross sitting in my croft needing decoration for Tina's daughter Ashley...it's been sitting there since January. I do not agree that they are 'littering' our streets but I do agree that some people don't always realize that less is more. I've also never been in these families shoes so I say-whatever helps them cope.


I agree with you completely and feel partly responsible because I'm 100% sure this trend started with my peoples. I remember driving through the Mexican Sierra with my parents when I was 13ish. The road was all windy and curvy and it was pouring rain and there was a cross everywhere you looked. I was so certain there was going to be 4 Barbosa crosses in the side of that mt! I'm pretty sure that trip aged me like 20 years.

I don't think this was mean at all, if Terri calls forward the call to me ;-)

Thanks so much for playing Heidi! Hope to see you again next week.

Sherry Betz

Heidi---I get where you're coming from. Often at a red light I find myself straining to read the details on the "window" decal on the car stopped in front of me honoring someone that died---I often wonder if that was the deceased person's car they are driving or if that person died in a car accident----or if people are just getting those made to put on their own cars to advertise their loss. I guess to each his own. I don't even understand why people go all out "decorating" the cemetery plot for holidays either. If I were dead and up in heaven looking down watching people outlining my grave in candy canes, I'd be like "WTF are you doing?" I just want people to treat me decent while I'm alive--and not feel obligated to decorate my plot with flowers and stuff after I'm dead. I wonder if all the people that visit the cemetery with flowers EVER even gave a flower to that person while they were alive to enjoy it--know what I mean?

I loved my grandma SO much and yet I HATE going to the cemetery to visit her grave so I avoid it as much as possible mostly because when I go it just brings back memories of her funeral and burial---and I prefer to remember her when she was ALIVE and in the comfort of my own home or car or bed--not standing over the dirt that she was buried in. When I do go to the cemetery I actually am distracted by all the "hoop-la" on the other plots surrounding hers anyways. But again, to each his own---if doing these things brings comfort to the ones grieving, then so be it. Gee, my comments probably sound so harsh and cold-hearted and yet I'm NOT that way AT ALL if you know me---in fact, maybe I'm TOO sensitive about death and that's why all this stuff bothers me so much. I've told my husband that I don't want ANYTHING when I die---not even a funeral--I don't want to put my family through that. It makes me sad that a person's heart is shattered at the loss of a loved one and yet they need to put all that grief aside and "pull it together" in order to select readings and songs for a funeral service, and then go out shopping for sandwiches and sodas for the "reception" afterwards. It just doesn't make sense to me. I also feel funerals are very personal too--so I'm often at a loss as to whether I should attend or not. If I were grieving over someone very dear to me, I certainly wouldn't want every casual acquaintance that I ever came in contact with (PTA parents, coworkers, etc.) showing up to watch my pain---but maybe some people find that comforting. For me, I'd rather be left alone to deal with it in my own way I guess. (You don't have to post this comment, Heidi---I know it's VERY negative---maybe I should start my own blog!) Sherry


Not a fan of any of it-Windshield, roadside or even traditional tombstones. I agree with the above commenter in that I like to remember the person how they were when they were alive. The roadside stuff is definitely distracting and I do think it should be kept to a minimum. I didn't even notice the butter tub until you said something. LMAO!

Terri Nicks

Heidi honey, I don't think your post is insensitive at all, and what with your latest health problems (you are about to turn 33), you have a right to voice your opinion. HOWEVER, if Miles and I would like to erect a shrine to you at whatever time in the far distant future we feel the need, I'm sure we can be far more creative with our ornamentation.

Terri Nicks

Okay, so now you have me thinking. Whereas, someone else has erected these PUBLIC memorials, would it be insensitive if the public added to the decor? I'm thinking a standing container for the flowers. I could stack and decopauge the imitation butter containers and attach it to a stake in the ground to keep it standing, moving the flowers off the ground to a tastefull eye level. Hmmm....

Jerry Whiting



Echo M

I thought I'd let you know that the links you posted fro your friends blog are denied because you "have to be an invited reader" to view the blog.

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