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Wow! Those ARE super cute. Good job...i am sure they will be a hit and make a great mess. And the stickers...too cute too. i heart etsy. so many great things to buy. like piggy banks with names, and coffee mugs and onesies...oh the onesies are just so stinkin cute too! wow...your readers whould really check it out. Please do... you will thank us later! here's a link to make it easier too: http://tinypumpkin.etsy.com ...you too can have cute things like Heidi...
ok, shameless post over. thanks for the space.


Those are ADORABLE!


Those turned out awesome....hope there is an extra one for miss scarlett!


Miles and Hannah are bananas! Those are so cute... way cuter than the junk at the Tiny Pumpkin ;-)

I'm totally kidding Liz!!


Those are soooo cute.. I agree with you.. what more could a kid want? :) I love it. They look yummy too.


They turned out great! And to make you feel better - my girls thought the same thing about the lack of cards - oh well, at least mommy liked it!

Erin Calhoun

Those are SUPER cute. I wish I was creative like that. This year, MY own kids didn't even get a homemade card from thier Mom. It was a tough week. My true Valentine did though, so that counts right????


I love this idea!! I don't have kids yet but when I do (and they are school aged) this is SOO going to be a valentine day project!


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Hannah loved them until she realized that the pops ARE the Valentine! She was really upset that there wasn't any "card" to go along with them.

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