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I'd order the dream dinners cookbook. MY friend has it and uses it and loves it. I just use my normal family loved recipes and freeze them. So give that a shot!



I freeze most meals I make, as I try new ones I'm hoping to add to my blog.

Greetings from Northern Ireland

Jen @ JenuineJen

I just created a post to answer your question. I will have to add to it later in the week because I have several more recipes to link to. This will get you started.


There are many delightful combinations of pasta and ground beef! I made 32 freezer meals before my last baby was born. Most of them I have no recipes for. I just kind of winged it. I made a chicken/rice "stir-fry" which froze well, and was very yummy. A gr. beef/gravy on spiral pasta. Mac and cheese. Chicken pot pie (make the crust with bisquick just before reheating). If you're interested in more details, leave a comment at my blog, and I can email you. If you're a need-a-recipe-to-follow kind of chef, I can tell you what I did with those in particular. Would take too long here. Hope this helps.


Okay, so I do lots of this. It has SAVED me!! Most all soups you can freeze. I even freeze individual ones for myself for lunches. You can even freeze casseroles (I've even done enchiladas recently). The trick to the casseroles, is you line your dish in foil (I use two 8 by 8's instead of a 9 by 13). After you've made the casserole, you can pull it out of the dish with the foil and then put it in a freezer bag. I guess these aren't very specific recipes, but we can discuss that over thai food later...


I have the Dream Dinners cookbook too and I really like it. Cooking With Friends is also very good...I do this with two friends every six weeks and it's been great. We've discovered that you can prety much freeze anything. However, sour cream does not freeze well...if a sauce or casserole call for it, add it when you are heating it. It's also better to cook pasta, orzo and rice when you need them.

I have some great recipes. I'll try to send them along when I have a little more time.

Someone Being Me

I use the website www.allrecipes.com for most of my meals. I make their Make Ahead Meatball recipe and freeze those, lasagna, tomato basil soup, and Flatlander chili. Yum!


HOLY SH*T HEIDI, who are all these people? with all the responces you got so fast, i'm feeling a little inadequate and we all know better than that! I think I will take a back seat on this one. Let me know when you have a real problem, like world peace or something. By the way what the heck is WFMW. It sounds a like something from real housewives of O.C.


I just got a Once a Month cookbook for Christmas, along with a Food Saver, but I haven't tried it out yet. I have a Chicken Spaghetti recipe that I freeze a lot, and meatloaf, and Ham Tetrazzini. I have been posting a recipe every Friday on my blog so I'll try to put them there.

Amy Lewis

I'm with your dad on this one!

Michelle Kelley

I thought your dad would say to get those hamburgers with the butter pat on top. I always remember you talking about those. :-)
Can't wait to make meals with u!!!

Lisa B

You can freeze anything! At least I do. The right tupperware or freezer bag and anything is possible. I wish I had a recipe off hand to share but I don't. I need to go through my recipes and start posting them. Anywho... happy freezing!

Liz Casstro

Hey! I'm with dad on this one. Who ARE all these people and why doesn't anyone leave comments on my blog like this? Wait, I have an idea... I'll be back.

Liz Casstro

Ok, I'm back. So my last 2 entries don't count toward your total because I'm not offering any frozen dinner ideas... but I am determined to increase my readership. Even if it means blogging about something other than my cute kid. Here goes my search fore more blogtention!

Terri Nicks

Cucumber doesn't freeze well. I learned this with my old garbage disposal soup. I won't risk anyone's health by sharing the recipe. I will suggest a good "cooking" book. Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl. Just reading the first chapter to two will explain my cooking techniques. Bon Appetite!

Liz Casstro

mom, you call those techniques? Hmm... The bowling ball biscuits at thanksgiving a few years back seemed more a skill than technique!


Not a recipe in particular, but an idea anyway. When you find ground beef or chicken on sale, brown it right away. Then bag it in portions that are the right size for your family. When you need it, it's ready to go into chili, spaghetti sauce, etc. One less step at mealtime!
Another easy idea: put steak or chicken in a plastic bag with marinade. Just use the cheapest bags, and once it is frozen, put it in your vaccuum sealer bag. I'm sure you know what happens when you try to vaccuum seal liquid, LOL!

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