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Um, Heidi, let me just say that you are speaking to my heart on this one! Since I hate grocery shopping (and getting gas... weird... two necessities)... I am great at this! It tends to always be Mexican food on these nights. I always have tortillas, cheese, some form of meat... I'll be checking out this website fo' sure!


Heidi - This is so coincidental. I was going to e-mail you today to ask if you could help me (by help I mean show me how) make some of those make-ahead and freeze meals for my sick friend and her husband. We can talk about it tomorrow night, but talk about perfect timing for this post!


I'm shocked that tomato soup and grilled cheese didn't make the stand by list :-)

Amy Lewis

How about Hot Pockets? Do they count?? :)


Heidi, what about mac and hamburger I am crushed!


Your Blog is boring...

Lisa Blough

I made veggie fried rice tonight!!! That's one of our stand by's too. Also bean & cheese burritos. Thank goodness for Rosarita - she's saves my butt more times than I'd like to admit.

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